Oxford Bookworms Library Level 2: The Love Of A King Audio Pack

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Thông tin sản phẩm (Mã SP: PRI949935 - Mã SKU: 0 )

Trọng lượng 50g
Ngôn ngữ Tiếng Anh
Thể loại Sách ngoại ngữ
Đơn vị phát hành Oxford University Press
Năm xuất bản 2007
Kích thước 12,6 x 19,6 x 0,4 (cm)
Loại bìa Bìa mềm
Nhà xuất bản Oxford University Press
Tác giả Peter Dainty
Mô tả sản phẩm

Classics, modern fiction, non-fiction and more. Written for secondary and adult students the Oxford Bookworms Library has seven reading levels from A1-C1 of the CEFR. All he wanted to do was to marry the woman he loved. But his country said 'No!' He was Edward VIII, King of Great Britain, King of India, King of Australia, and King of thirty-nine other countries. And he loved the wrong woman. She was beautiful and she loved him - but she was already married to another man. It was a love story that shook the world. The King had to choose: to be King, or to have love... and leave his country, never to return.

  • CEFR A2/B1
  • Word count 6,150


Oxford Bookworms Library: Seven-stage graded readers series offering over 200 adapted and original English texts for secondary and adult students. Oxford Bookworms enjoy a world-wide reputation for high-quality storytelling and a great reading experience.

Research shows reading a lot improves all your language skills. Experts recognize Oxford Bookworms as the most consistent series in terms of language control, length, and quality of story - very important for fluent reading and extensive reading.

Key features:

  • Graded according to the acclaimed Bookworms syllabus
  • Award-winning titles
  • Stunning covers
  • Extended activities section at the back
  • Word count and CEF level on every cover
  • Audio CDs for the complete text
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